My thoughts on….Changing the culture of policing

When I lived in San Diego, I served as a member of the community on the San Diego Citizens Review Board on Police Practices.  (It’s now called the Community Review Board on Police Practices due to a change in their charter).  The culture in law enforcement rests squarely in a white frame of reference – a warrior ethos which values hierarchical authority which “others” alternate or opposing perspectives.  I believe we need to unhinge the culture of policing from its toxic, hegemonic cultural biases and shift to more inclusive models of partnerships like community-oriented policing.  Moreover, I believe the only way to shift the culture of policing is more than hiring more black and brown people – which is also important – but prioritizing more robust psychological profiles which value critical thinking and people-oriented skills rather than military oriented skills.  Finally, I assert a need for increased civilian oversight within senior management of police departments with intent to balance the incredibly siloed perspectives that exist within senior management.

Published by: Bryon L. Garner

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Bryon L. Garner earned his Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University and is currently pursuing his PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies at the Union Institute & University. A 2020 Ril M. Beatty Fellowship recipient, Bryon has presented and written about intersectionality, masculinity and patriotic identity and is a contributing writer for Black & Magazine. Bryon is an honored awardee at the 2020 Association of Graduate Liberal Studies Program Annual Conference, where he presented, “Her Brave Black Soldiers: Black Veterans, Patriotism, and the Soldier-Athlete Archetype.” Bryon was the subject of a Christian Science Monitor article “On Independence Day, Black Americans see hope of a larger patriotism”

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