On Independence Day, Black Americans see hope of a larger patriotism – CSMonitor.com

Independence Day stirs a deep love of country. This year, it’s also stirring hope of a more inclusive embrace of the Black American experience.
— Read on www.csmonitor.com/USA/Society/2020/0702/On-Independence-Day-Black-Americans-see-hope-of-a-larger-patriotism

Published by: Bryon L. Garner

A veteran of the U.S. Navy, Bryon L. Garner earned his Master of Liberal Arts in 2019 from Johns Hopkins University where he was a Roszel C. Thompson Fellowship recipient. Bryon has presented “Hegemonic Masculinity: The Soldier Athlete Identity as an Existential Paradox” and “The Soldier Athlete Archetype: Contrast of White and Black Masculinity in America” at the Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs Spring Colloquia in 2018 and 2019. A current student in the Union Institute and University PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies program, Bryon’s areas of interest are Intersectionality of Identity, Masculine Archetypes, and Patriotic Identity.

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