What does it mean to be black and patriotic in 21st Century America?

This is the driving question that guides my discussion as I consider the trajectory of black men – of black people overall – in this new American century. I chose the name “Heritage Phenomenon” with the idea that who we are as a community builds upon our collective past. Our past, our present, and our future interplay within a phenomenon of heritage and is critical for interpreting our experience in America because they each harken the aspirational aspect of our racial path here. Please join me in the the discussion.

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Remembrance and Origin Stories: Why Analyze the Black Patriotic Tradition

I have shared previously that I am currently climbing my metaphorical mountain to complete my doctorate.  Yesterday, I submitted the draft of my dissertation proposal – a project I had been working on since June.  As I am sure many of you have experienced, last night I felt relief and joy with accomplishing one more … Continue reading Remembrance and Origin Stories: Why Analyze the Black Patriotic Tradition

Patriotism in the 21st Century

What is affirmed or disaffirmed when we identify something as patriotic? How we conceptualize American patriotism today has been distorted by political extremes for political ends. Since January 6th it has become very clear that it is not knowledge that our society lacks – we all saw what happened. What is clear, however, is that … Continue reading Patriotism in the 21st Century

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